Monday, March 18, 2013

Top 5 Computer Mouse Problems And How To Fix Them

This guide will take you through the 5 most common mouse problems along with a quick fix for each problem.
First Things First
Before even attempting to resolve your problem you'll need to do a few initial checks. They are all very easy and take but a few seconds.
1. Change batteries - If your mouse is wireless then change the batteries. Just because the bottom of the mouse is still glowing red and its lights are on and flashing doesn't necessarily mean that it's running low on juice and causing other problems.
2. Clean the mouse - Give your mouse and mouse mate or mouse surface a quick once over with a clean cloth to make sure there are no dust particles affecting it's performance.
3. Unplug and plug back in the mouse - It could be a case of simply replugging in your mouse. This usually fixes most problems.
If you have taken all of these steps and the problem persists then below are the 5 most common computer mouse problems along with the viable solutions.
PROBLEM: Mouse Cursor Doesn't Move Smoothly
SOLUTION: If your mouse cursor does not move smoothly then the most likely cause will be either dust in the mouse sensor or dust on the mouse surface, be it a mouse mat or desk. Ensure that you give the mouse a thorough cleaning making sure just to use a clean cloth and no chemicals which are likely to cause more problems.
Another factor which may be causing this malfunction is that a glossy mouse surface is being used. Some mice, especially optical and laser, have difficulties in tracking movement on high gloss surfaces such as glass. Try using a mouse mat instead.
PROBLEM: Mouse Pointer Freezes
SOLUTION: The most likely cause of this problem will be due to your computers CPU (Central Processor Unit) usage. In this case you may be running more programs than necessary or simply have a lot of background applications open without even realising it. This can potentially be the most annoying as this may mean that your PC is due an upgrade but before committing to this purchase then try these options.
i) Wait a few seconds - The simplest solutions are most often the best. Simply wait a few seconds to see if the problem resolves itself. If the problem persists or repeats itself then further investigation is required.
ii) Close some programs - Some computer programs will keep themselves open in the background without you realising. Look at the bottom right of your Windows Desktop to see if there are any programs still running which you could potentially close.
iii) If all else fails then power off and then power back on to completely clear any unwanted and troublesome background applications or programs.
PROBLEM: Mouse Not Working At All
SOLUTION: Your mouse not working at all could be from a variety of problems. Some may be software related and some will be hardware related. The mouse not working may be as a result from a loose connection, faulty wiring, a faulty USB or PS/2 port or a faulty IR wireless receiver. Make sure to double check the integrity of your ports when troubleshooting to ensure they are working as expected. Some wireless devices (and some wired) will require a mouse driver to be installed for proper use. Refer to the manufacturer's driver's guideline to make sure it is installed and up-to-date.
If all of this fails then, as usual, unplug and power up your mouse and PC.
PROBLEM: Mouse Pointer Too Slow Or Too Fast
SOLUTION: There's only really one solution for this and it's a software configuration issue. This can easily be fixed by going to Control Panel > Mouse > Pointer Options Tab. Change the pointer speed to the desired level by moving the slider up or down until it feels more comfortable.
PROBLEM: Problem With Double Click
SOLUTION: As above this will most likely be a software configuration issue and can be fixed by going to Control Panel > Mouse > Buttons tab. Change the double click speed and test it to a comfortable click speed level.
If all of these solutions fail for your mouse fix then the final option is to purchase another mouse. You can buy a variety of computer mice for many different uses. If you're not sure whether it's the actual hardware (the mouse) or your software then you can pick up a cheap mouse for a few dollars and testing it with this before making a more substantial purchase.

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